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Join our community of HAPPY and SATISFIED customers!

Tailored Event Design

  • Craft one-of-a-kind, personalized atmospheres

  • Versatile designs tailored for diverse events

  • Immersive Kerala-inspired ambiance

Affordable Packages

  • All-inclusive packages at competitive prices

  • Indian and Chinese menu options starting at just 750 & 1200 INR

  • Transform your event into a Kerala experience with our specialty in Kerala cuisine and ambiance

Event Planning Support

  • Stress-free event planning assistance

  • Trusted vendor connections for efficiency

  • We go the extra mile to bring the essence of Kerala to your event

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This is a suitable place for small business, freelancers, entrepreneurs, location independent workers, digital nomads and anyone looking for a great work and leisure balance to come together and enjoy work.


On our Canopy,
beneath the starry skies so high,
Celebrate and dance, let your spirits touch the sky.
With panoramic views and a party vibe so grand,
At Hotel Samraj, your rooftop memories are in demand.


At Hotel Samraj, where business dreams take flight, Book your stay for meetings, both big and slight. Our conference hall's the perfect space to convene, Where success and comfort seamlessly convene.

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Event Planning/Catering 

At Hotel Samraj we cater and organise events at our Canopy and Banquets. 
to 100 people can be acoomadated within our premises. 


We also cater our speciality Kerala Cuisine for events and celebrations at locations chosen by our clients.  This includes an extensive menu of meats, seatfood, vegetables and bread. 
Our Kerala Sandhya is one of the most loved catering experiences we privide.

26 items spread across a banana leaf to celebrate our bigger days like Vishu and Onam. 

Special acoomadations are made for south indian festivals like 



hotel samraj instagram reelstory (1080 × 1080 px)_edited.jpg
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